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For when you need a little extra help

Raiys therapy is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

Raiys Therapists will help you identify the thoughts and behaviours that may be standing in your way so that you can make meaningful changes in your life for a better, brighter future. Raiys Therapy comes with a range of self-care tools created by wellbeing professionals, designed to bring about lasting change.

It's flexible. You have the freedom to communicate in a way that works whether it's a video call, live chat or phone.

It's safe and private. We meet the highest international standards for keeping your data safe.

It's easy. Book a same day appointment with a few clicks - our app is easy to use and you can get started in minutes.
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Therapy you can trust

Our therapists are fully qualified and accredited with the following professional bodies:

Raiys areas of expertise - CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a structured talking therapy, based on the theory that thoughts, feelings, what we do and how our body feels are all connected.

When we feel worried or distressed, we often fall into patterns of thinking and responding which add to our difficulties, this is normal human experience but this often gets in the way of us living our lives in the way we want to be living them.

CBT sessions help us make sense of what’s going on and take steps towards breaking free from these problematic patterns.

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Tools to boost your mental wellbeing

Discover in-app tools built to support your mental health. Try the Thoughtful Thinking cognitive behavioural change programme. Take a break when you need it with Mind Matters mindfulness and meditation resources, track your mood to see how you improve over time and more.

A safe and flexible way to communicate

We understand that going on camera and physically speaking can sometimes act as a barrier. With Raiys you have complete freedom to choose how you communicate with your coach so you can communicate in a way that's comfortable for you. At Raiys we also hold the highest levels of security to keep your data secure, providing you with a safe space to talk openly.
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How it works



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Speak to your therapist. Connect and speak to a qualified CBT therapist via your preferred method of communication.


Get Support

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Get continued support from ongoing therapy sessions and in-app tools and features available to you when you need them.

Register and Book

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Sign up and select the Raiys Therapy Membership. You can then book an appointment via your dashboard screen.

Trust and security of our platform

Raiys is an ISO27001-certified platform, meaning we meet the highest international standards to keep your data safe. Our services are delivered with safety, quality and reliability in mind - this is what allows us to reach the best level of accreditation available.

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