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Raiys is the mental health and productivity app, purpose-built for sales teams. We help formalise training and ongoing development – find out how!

The best foundation for greatness

Employing a strong sales mindset is a universal skill inherent to any top-performing salesperson, whether you’re selling fresh squeezed lemonade or enterprise management solutions.

Raiys is the only app built by sales professionals, behavioural psychologists and software developers to help sales teams stay on top of their game.

Salespeople are
more likely to suffer from symptoms of poor mental health
An inspired employee is
more productive than a merely satisfied employee
Engagement in teams
higher than standard wellbeing programmes
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out of 10 customers say our service is 'Excellent'

The 8 pillars of a strong sales mindset

We believe in a holistic approach to mental fitness for sales teams, by building inspiring tools and resources for those with the most challenging job in any organisation. We work to help salespeople improve in eight key areas; motivation, perspective, wellbeing, confidence, resilience, productivity, growth and leadership.

What's your focus?

Not turning up to work
man at desk
Turning up to work without being productive
team call
Not leaving employees to figure things out for themselves

Sales teams can face multiple challenges, that’s why our approach is two-pronged; mental health and productivity, combined within one app, backed by a team of professionals. Dedicated tools and resources to promote wellbeing and mental strength amongst your employees.

Science-driven, results focused

Here are just some of the reasons why our clients use Raiys:

  •          Professionalised training and development programme
  •          Enhanced individual confidence, motivation and resilience
  •          Proven methodology to manage stress levels and reduce burnout
  •          Effortless onboarding that takes minutes, not weeks
  •          Upskilled and empowered managers
  •          Increased team engagement and retention

Opportunity strikes

In contrast to other company-wide wellbeing initiatives, wellbeing improvements for sales teams have a significantly higher impact on ROI.

When operational departments solve a wellbeing issue, reduced absenteeism saves costs. When sales departments solve a wellbeing issue, reduced absenteeism not only saves costs, but the opportunity cost of having a full-strength sales team firing on all cylinders provides measurably higher returns.

Purpose-built mental health tools and resources for salespeople

Stress, anxiety, depression and a lack of drive can affect anyone at any time. In a typical business, salespeople in particular tend to suffer more stress than any other department. Here are some of the tools our experts have developed to support sales teams when they need it most:

smart screening
Smart Screening
daily feedback and self-assessments
Goals & Gains
goal-setting, points and recognition
man working
professionally-led CBT programme for sales
Office Dog
AI-driven mental health companion
In The Zone
meditation and mindfulness stories
suggestion box
Suggestion Box
user generated tips and best practice
man on laptop
Curated Courses
guided sprints to boost mental strength
woman talking on podcast
RAIYS: Talks
expert discussions and interviews
Inspiring Ideas
motivation and resilience hub
more coming soon! 


In addition to using the Raiys app to achieve your goals, upgrade your package to receive personalised guidance and ongoing support from a professional in your area of focus.

Business Coaching / Sales Mentoring
man on computer
Our network of experienced business coaches and mentors from multiple disciplines provide the confidence and know-how sales managers need to professionalise and scale their sales operations. Pay-as-you-go and block bookings available.
1:2:1 Therapy
1:1 therapy
Your Raiys therapist is someone you can develop a trusting relationship with. They can help identify and work-through the thoughts and behaviours that may be holding you back. Pay-as-you-go and block bookings available.

Raiys your game

With over 500 articles, podcasts and bite-sized video animations, you’ll never be short of fresh content to learn from. Some examples of our weekly webinars and on-demand media themes include:

notice board

Trust and security of our platform

Raiys is an ISO27001-certified platform, meaning we meet the highest international standards to keep your data safe. Our services are delivered with safety, quality and reliability in mind - this is what allows us to reach the best level of accreditation available.

raiys ISO certification

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