Data-driven Approach

We empower our clients to have the data and intelligence at their fingertips to prove the value of their investment and shape their people development strategy.
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100% Anonymised Reports

Our MI tools enable managers to segment to their desired level of granularity, as a safeguard to protect employees' data, managers do not have access to any personally-identifiable information, only aggregated data.

Employees can use the Raiys platform, safe in the knowledge that their data is secure and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

    What Gets Measured, Gets Raiysed

    Our proprietary reporting dashboard gives you the tools to view (anonymised) data to assess your team’s health and wellbeing. Raiys Insights enables reports to be drawn-down as regular as desired, in a range of formats, suited to your preferred level of granularity in areas such as engagement, wellbeing scores, goal achievement and many more.

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    Our Accreditations

    We pride ourselves on delivering quality and maintaining the highest, international standards of data security and accessibility.

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    Insights, anytime, anywhere

    Our dashboard can be viewed on the go, on any device. So you don’t need to be at a desktop to see how your team’s performing.

    Beautiful, professional and
    easy-to-present results

    By all means, transfer those results into a PowerPoint presentation… but it’s 10x easier to load-up the dashboard and demonstrate results in real-time.

    Email round-ups

    Managers lead busy lives. We get it, so we make it easy for you to follow progress by sending weekly activity summaries via email.

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